Multiple registrations will result in your credit being retained and the betting account closed when you try to make your first payout at the latest.

Multiple registrations will result in your credit being retained and the betting account closed when you try to make your first payout at the latest.

In addition to the current odds and the score, tons of statistics and live animation are included, which you can use to follow the game. You can also watch many games via live stream. I can say without reservation that the live bets at 1xbet absolutely convince me in terms of their abundance as well as their technical implementation. 1xbet has been on the betting market since 2007 and has since established itself as a constant among bookmakers – that alone is an indication of the seriousness of the Russian company. 1xbet also has 1,000 betting offices. In addition: The betting provider is equipped with a valid license from Curacao. Regarding security, I can say that the website is based on SSL encryption, which ensures secure data transmission on the Internet. Personally, I have not had any negative experiences with the bookmaker that could make me doubt its seriousness. 1xbet is one of my favorites among online bookmakers in 2020. Nevertheless, there are other reputable providers that I can recommend without hesitation based on my experience. These include the British betting company bet365. It is best known for its huge selection of bets and live bets. There are also excellent betting odds and a very well structured website. Of course there is also a bonus for new customers at bet365, over 100% up to an initial deposit of up to 100 euros.

I can also recommend Interwetten and Tipico, both of which have been in the betting business for a long time and are consistently convincing. a positive message on the subject of betting tax: Fortunately, you do not have to fear this at 1xbet. This means that you do not have to pay a 5% fee on your stake or your winnings. Conversely, this means: If you get a correct bet slip, you will receive your full winnings. This is another plus point that 1xbet can boast for itself. It is not uncommon for providers who do not levy betting tax to pay it themselves and pass the resulting losses on to the odds.

That means in plain language: You don’t pay a 5% fee on your bets, but the odds are bad. But that is not the case with 1xbet. You don’t pay any tax and can still get odds that are usually above average compared to other betting providers. If you want to close your betting account at 1xbet, you have to proceed as follows: It sounds clear, but it can still be forgotten in a hurry: In any case, check whether there is still money in your betting account before you request a deletion of the account . You also have to process pending payouts first, otherwise this money can be annoyingly lost. You should also check whether there is still an unused bonus in your account.1xbet mobile app Only then should you inform customer service about your concern. After my test I can say: 1xbet is a provider with whom I place a bet without hesitation. The bookmaker has now been active on the betting market for 12 years and has earned a good reputation in the betting scene over this time.

And thanks to strong arguments. The selection is huge, the odds are above average even without betting tax and the site shines with its beautiful design. There are also many live bets; some of these can also be followed via live stream. a few words about the payment options: There are more than any other bookmaker here and all free of charge. Paysafecard is missing, however, which slightly detracts from the overall impression. Overall, the bookmaker can fully convince in all areas, so that I will continue to place some tips here in the future. The bonus for new customers is 100% on the first deposit up to € 100. This means that you have to make a deposit between € 1 and € 100 and then receive the same amount as a bonus in your betting account.

In order to receive a bonus for new customers, you need a special bonus code from some betting providers. You don’t need this at 1xbet. You receive the bonus for new customers without having to enter a code in the deposit menu. In terms of betting tax, there are positive things to report at 1xbet: You don’t have to pay a additional fee of 5%. This means that you can place bets with your full stake and if you win you will receive the full amount without any deductions. a betting app is available, both in an iOS and an Android version. I can definitely recommend using it, because the app runs flawlessly and contains all the important functions that are necessary for a sports betting app.

In terms of the range of bets and the quality of the odds, I can be brief: Both are excellent. I even claim that there are only a few bookmakers who have such a large range of bets in their program in 2020 with consistently good odds. Multiple registrations are not possible with 1xbet. If you do want to try it, I can only advise you against it. Multiple registrations will result in your credit being retained and the betting account closed when you try to make your first payout at the latest. 1xbet bonus – test for € 100 new customer bonus 22bet bonus – test for € 122 betting bonus 888sport bonus – € 100 new customer bonus Bet3000 bonus – € 150 welcome bonus bet365 bonus – € 100 opening offer Betclic Bonus – test for € 150 welcome bonus betfair bonus – € 100 welcome bonus Betsafe bonus – Test for the € 100 welcome bonus Betsson Bonus – Test for the € 100 new customer bonus BetVictor Bonus – € 150 new customer bonus Betzest Bonus – € 150 welcome bonus BonkersBet Bonus – Test for the € 100 new customer bonus Campeonbet bonus – € 100 new customer bonus Cashpoint Bonus – Test for the € 100 welcome bonus Safest and best payment method for bets The deposit should be fast and secure in order to start sports betting. No question! We have really tested all payment methods and draw a conclusion. PayPal is our only. 1 and that’s why we primarily use betting providers with PayPal. Every betting provider now offers a betting bonus for new customers.

However, there are big differences here, not just in terms of the bonus conditions. In my overview I compare the individual bonuses and their advantages and disadvantages. Many are looking for it, but the so-called betting bonus without deposit has unfortunately become a rarity on the market. This bonus enables players to test the betting company without any risk or money. In a current overview, I show all providers with free bets. Find the best bookmaker 2020 Time and again, new bookmakers are entering the German market. These not only stimulate the market, but often also bring attractive bonuses.

I check whether these are always fair in my experience reports. Players are particularly interested in betting providers from Germany. These stand for seriousness and security. Both factors are very important to players. In an extra test on German betting providers, I check whether they can measure up to the competition or whether betting providers from abroad have the big advantages. 1xbet bonus – test for a € 100 new customer bonus Home »Providers» 1xbet bonus – test for a € 100 new customer bonus If you are one of those sports betting fans who have not yet had any 1xbet experience, this is not particularly surprising. Why? Quite simply because the bookmaker has so far mainly been active in Eastern Europe and the Russian homeland. Germany has only been on the map for a few months for 1xbet, but it still seems to be one of the most important markets for the betting provider.

It is big and so the look at our 1xbet test in the following turns out to be extremely interesting. Tax-free betting support around the clock Partly 1,000 betting markets per game Up to € 100 bonus for new customers High limits Paysafecard not available Bonus can only be unlocked with combination bets 1xbet in the test: The betting provider in the detailed check It should be particularly interesting for German sports betting fans that 1xbet makes all bets available in its portfolio tax-free. The bookmaker must of course pay the betting tax in Germany, but does not pass the costs on to his customers. Attractive, especially since the betting offer offers enough options to really get started with tax-free bets. The numerous bonus promotions and the welcome bonus of up to 100 euros for new customers are also attractive. Even if 1xbet is still a fairly unknown bookie, at least in Germany, this should change soon. Overwhelming selection Buckle up and hold on tight, because 1xbet’s betting portfolio can be described as extremely extensive. If you want to place sports betting at 1xbet, you can choose from over 50 different categories. Sometimes you can find really extraordinary betting markets here, with which you can bet on the weather, for example – no joke. In addition, real exotics are available here, which are otherwise rarely found at betting providers. The best example: the well-known Air Race by Red Bull. The betting options for surfing, water polo, greyhound races, rowing, hurling, figure skating or tape can also be described as exotic. If all of this is a little too colorful for you, you can also bet on football, tennis, basketball, golf, ice hockey or volleyball at 1xbet. 1xbet betting offer Football in particular should be checked more closely. Here, the variety for the betting slip is breathtaking in every single game.

If, for example, international matches for the German national team are on the agenda, 1xbet usually provides around 990 (!) Betting options per game. But there is more: In the Premier League or Bundesliga, the selection is increased to over 1,000 betting options. Such a selection cannot be found a second time in a betting provider comparison. 1xbet Germany trumps The fact that 1xbet regards Germany as one of the big new target markets can also be seen in the customer service. You can rely on 1xbet to speak German with you and that all ambiguities should be quickly cleared up. You can reach the support in different ways. Live chat is recommended because it is extremely convenient. You can contact them around the clock and address your questions to one of the employees within a few moments. Alternatively, you can also send an email or use a telephone hotline (free of charge). If all of this is not enough for you, a additional help area is available on the 1xbet Germany homepage. Here you can search 888 in German for specific problems or questions and should also get the answer quickly in this way. And that again ensures plus points in the evaluation and positive 1xbet experiences. A sticking point in the 1xbet experience? It is quite understandable that one or the other tipster might look skeptical at the name 1xbet.

After all, the provider is not really known in Germany. However, this has less to do with the bookies and more to do with the fact that they first wanted to achieve a certain size in their home country. That worked and now the German market has also been targeted for a little over a year. Of course with a corresponding license that 1xbet received from the responsible authorities in Curacao. In addition, all safety precautions are implemented and you can only register as an adult tipper. It is also interesting to know that 1xbet Germany acts as a partner to numerous sports clubs and supports, for example, Tottenham Hotspurs or Cardiff City.

Another real “heavyweight” in terms of seriousness is the cooperation with the Italian Serie A. All these facts leave no doubt that 1xbet works seriously. Earning big winnings with ease When it comes to winning limits, there are sometimes big differences on the market. The betting providers work here with very different specifications and you cannot easily make above-average profits everywhere. With 1xbet, however, this is possible. The test report shows that up to 600,000 euros can be cleared with one betting slip via 1xbet Germany. In addition, it is certainly good for all newbies to know that bets can be placed from a stake of 0.20 euros. 1xbet betting odds With regard to the odds, 1xbet also presents itself in a good light in our eyes. Every now and then you can discover really strong odds, especially the live betting center is a hot tip in this context. There is also no discernible tendency towards possible outsider or favorite bets. Attractive portfolio You can also benefit from the large selection in the bookmaker’s live betting area. You can also bet on most of the pre-match events in the live center and bet on football in Germany, basketball in the Philippines or baseball in the USA, for example. There are numerous betting markets available for each game, and the numbers from the pre-match portfolio are definitely targeted. Live in the Bundesliga, for example, it is not uncommon to be able to access several hundred or even a thousand markets. The betting provider from Russia cannot present live streams yet, but graphic animations are used. Live streams, however, are also not customary on the market and could rather be described as a very big plus point in the 1xbet rating.

Even without the broadcasts, you will definitely always get exactly what is going on on the pitch. Placing bets is also easy here, and various filters and even a search function are available to you. Anyone who speaks German at 1xbet can bet tax-free. In the course of their career, every tipster from Germany inevitably has to deal with the sports betting tax. This is a compulsory charge for bookmakers, which was launched in 2012. Whenever German customers place a bet with the provider, the bookie has to transfer five percent of the stake to the tax office.